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"Sometimes the heart sees what the eyes cannot."


 Derek taking a break, drinking hot milk or something… ♥


~Sunrise together

In order to be happy, LOVE is the answer. And we can vouch for that.

I Feel That Ice Is Slowly Melting
Little Darling
It Seems Like Years Since It´s Been Clear
Here Comes The Sun
And I Say, It´s Alright

Part 2


Is that a proposal for morning sex, honey?


I agree then.

Part 1

01x02 vs. 04x05

derek + destroying lacrosse sticks

Stiles and Derek in the sneak peek for 4.06 “Orphaned”

Derek Hale in I.E.D. 

The Fall Series 2 Trailer - BBC Two

Game of Thrones theme song played by the Queen’s guards

Do you Dare to Dream? - Goals - Aspirations - Comfort Zone (inKNOWation)

Leo Burnett Peru - Dare. Change (Saga Falabella) HQ


Merlin 5x13 | Goodbye Excalibur